Lash Tips


How to apply your lashes:

  • Prepare your tools; grab your lashes, tweezers, adhesive & scissors
  • Using your tweezers, remove one of the lash strips from its box. Grasp the strip in the middle and hold it against your lash line to match them & trim off the excess on the outer side
  • Once you have your desired length, apply a light amount of adhesive evenly along the strip. You can add an extra dab on the ends of the strip to prevent your lashes from lifting
  • While waiting 15-20 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky, you may bend the strip to form its curved shape
  • Next, look down into a mirror (not straight ahead), and use tweezers to apply the strip down gently as close to your natural lash line as possible. This makes it easier than staring into a vertical mirror with your head tilted back in an uncomfortable angle
  • Place the strip on the center of your eyelid first, then press down on the outer corner working your way into the inner corner
  • DO NOT close your eyes as this can change your eye’s position & shape
  • Repeat these same steps for your other lash


How to remove your lashes:

  • When you’re ready to remove your lashes, using your tweezers, grasp the lashes (not the strip), about halfway down their length near the outer edge of your eyelid. Be careful not to grasp any of your real lashes
  • Gently pull the lashes up and towards your inner eye. Make sure to do this slowly to avoid damaging them
  • If pulling on the lash is difficult or painful, stop and apply a small amount of makeup remover or water onto a cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball onto the strip to help loosen it up and then try pulling the strip again


Extra Tips

  • Brushing out your lashes is essential in order to always keep them looking soft and fluffy
  • After each use, store your lashes in their case to ensure they remain in the best shape and clean & safe from any dust or moisture. Make sure to store them somewhere cool and dry
  • Please note that sleeping in your lashes is not recommended